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This week we’d like to share with you just why we – Drover Ag – are viewed as a trusted gateway into agriculture.

The fact of the matter

Drover Ag has been in business since October 2019. Not all that long. However, already we can proudly say that we have placed 78 candidates successfully and promptly into roles across Australia. We can also tell you that each week we are signing up new clients who are eager to use our services and get the same great results that others have.

Why so trusted, you ask?

If there’s one thing we pride ourselves on (amongst many others), it is that we all have industry background and a keen interest in ag recruitment. When you pick up the phone to us, we truly understand and know the right question to ask to get a solid feel for what your needs are. For this reason, we have clients come back to us to fill more positions for them. Clients know they can trust our judgement and that we have their business in mind while we are recruiting for them.

Tell me more

At Drover Ag we understand there are many options out there when it comes to outsourcing recruitment. What we would ask those of you who have used them is “How well did that work for you, do you feel like you got bang for your buck”?  Following is one person’s experience, does it sound familiar to you?

How hard is your agency working for you?

“My first-hand experience has left me wondering; how many candidates are missed when positions are advertised?

“Recently I looked at an advertised management role through a large agency. I had further questions before I was prepared to commit our family to the process, so I rang the agency.

“The recruiter promptly told me that I would have to register my resume, references & photo before any further information would be divulged to me.

“This is where they lost me. Not once did they ask anything about us, no details were taken to follow up, nothing – which is unfortunate as they would have discovered that my husband and I are an experienced management team and likely a very suitable candidate for the role. When I further questioned the type of farm & livestock, it became evident that this young person on the phone knew nothing at all about farming. I was not about to enter all my details into a system that contact me frequently with other opportunities, and still not answer my questions about this one.”

mental health in agriculture
​Another classic example

“Recently, I was sent an email from an agency asking if I would be interested in applying for the mentioned position. I enquired about the salary and was forwarded the position description. There was no follow up after more than a week. Wouldn’t you think the recruiter would call and see if I had any further questions? Once again I knew we would be a perfect fit for this job; however, they will have to try harder if they want to recruit the best people for the job, as currently, we are comfortable where we are”.

The Drover Ag difference

Firstly, we never dehumanise the process. When you contact us, we are not deciding whether we can be bothered, we are ready to go with all the questions to find out more about you and what you need. If you are a potential candidate, we support you in getting set up, so you’re job-ready. If you are a client, we want to know about your business and the type of people you need. We can guarantee you that we will go above and beyond to make you feel like you are getting the most professional, prompt, and tailored service there is.

Why so driven, you ask?

We know how frustrating, time-consuming & challenging it can be. We have been in your boots before, recruiting to fill our own stock camps, farmhands, managers etc. We get it! This is the experience that has built the motivation within us to deliver a service to you that is tailored, specific and backed up with a genuine passion and understanding for what it is that we do.

We know what it means to work hard and that’s exactly what we are here to do for you.

Being a trusted gateway in the agriculture industry requires us to make a stand and set the standard.

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