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John boote |founder & director

Founder of DroverAg, John Boote, is passionate about seeing young people placed or trained into good agricultural jobs. His interest in agricultural recruitment developed over years as an employer, farmer and property manager. In recent times, John has worked for a business which specialises in training and placing young people into the agricultural, equine and horticultural industries across Australia.

John and his family moved from the Northern Territory to Gympie, Queensland in 2016.  This move from a remote cattle station into a regional centre allowed their children – who previously learnt through School of the Air – to access local schools. It also meant that John’s wife, Megan, an agricultural consultant, could also work in her chosen field.

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agricultural recruitment

Understanding Agricultural Recruitment

John’s understanding of agricultural recruitment is based on 20 years’ experience as a manager of agribusinesses across four states and territories of Australia. The challenge of attracting and retaining the staff required to complete general farming tasks and make improvements was a constant source of frustration during John’s time in various management positions.

The extensive network of farmers and rural employers John has gathered allows him to connect the right worker to the right position.  He also loves helping young people find their way into fulfilling  agricultural careers.

Experienced Agribusiness Recruiters

After many years hands-on industry experience plus a few more working as an agribusiness recruiter, John strives to thoroughly understand the needs of a broad range of industry clients. He applies a similar, practical approach to all his applicants in qualifying their knowledge, experience and abilities. This ensures that the right people are placed into positions best suited to their practical abilities – be it cattle, horses, sheep, crops, trade, au-pair, rural vet or other.

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“I have personally worked closely with John for several years. John has assisted with our various recruitment needs for a number of the sheep and cattle properties that Jumbuck operate across the country. The nature of the work is tough and challenging and with John’s background in the industry and methodical approach to reviewing candidates, we have had some great people come through. He’s a pro-active communicator and always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done”.

Shane Badman

Group HR, Jumbuck Pastoral Company

Back to the road, and I crossed again
Over the miles of the saltbush plain —
The shining plain that is said to be
The dried-up bed of an inland sea.
Where the air so dry and so clear and bright
Refracts the sun with a wondrous light,
And out in the dim horizon makes
The deep blue gleam of the phantom lakes.

An excerpt from ‘In The Droving Days’ by AB Patterson

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