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Looking for Farm Workers? Need reliable, capable people?

DroverAg provides qualified, experienced farm workers to agricultural businesses across Australia. Our candidates come from a variety of backgrounds and possess a broad range of skills and capabilities. We recruit workers from farm hands right up to general managers, from both within Australia and overseas, providing employees to all agricultural industries.

farm workers
farm workers australia
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farm workers
farm workers australia
farm workers wanted

Interns | Skilled and dedicated farm workers from overseas

In May 2019 the Australian government announced significant changes regarding the Working Holiday Visa Programme. One of the changes is the opportunity to work for more than 6 months for the same agricultural employer. This also includes the opportunity to get a third-year working holiday visa, under certain conditions.

This is great news for employers of farm workers. As such, we are now developing and running a Pathway to Ag service for young people who are committed to developing Agricultural Careers with periods of work and training in Australia. These people are not requiring any lengthy sponsorship deals – just wanting to secure a safe and career focused job so they can develop their skills for a 6 to 12 month placement.

They have skills, motivation and experience that may benefit you in your business. We will be advertising these candidates prior to them arriving in Australia, so please let us know your interest.  Of course, we can advertise your role with our potential overseas farm workers in advance of their arrival also.


The Right Person for the Right Job

All applicants submit themselves to a detailed application process to determine their skill, interest level and fit for agricultural work and rural living.

We interview all applicants personally, checking their references and background. Applicants are not accepted if a negative reference is produced and all references are made available to prospective employers if required.

We take great pride in only promoting applicants with the right degree of skill and experience for the position they are required to fill.

farm workers
farm workers australia

Finding the best people

Of course word of mouth is still the best way to find the best people. So our network, developed over so many years in the industry, is invaluable when qualifying farm workers.

We have also developed relationships with agricultural colleges, high schools,  boarding schools and technical colleges.

We access applicants such as Ag College students and graduates, experienced skilled farm workers, trade qualified employees as well as travellers from overseas.

If you would like to receive our fee structure please contact us.

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