Hello there, great to see you again! Last week we talked about the what & how of Drover Ag, this week we’d like to introduce you to the who’s who.


John has an extensive background in the Agricultural industry. With close to 25 years (his entire working life) under his belt, he has been in roles ranging from Farming Apprentice in Victoria to General Manager Pastoral in the Northern Territory. John’s focus has primarily been the beef sector although he has operated in alpine grazing and intensive southern mixed farming systems. Recruitment is not new to John, having had years hiring teams to support his management roles. John understands, firsthand, the importance of the correct placement of people. He also understands that your team is one of your most significant assets and that recruiting the right workers is also one of the great challenges of living on the land. John’s passion for agriculture is his core driver. It inspires him to tackle the issues which arise from the frustration around sourcing suitable candidates. He recognises the all-consuming amount of time employers invest in recruiting with the all too often disappointing results. John’s mission is solving the problem that has become your deterrent from hiring. His vast network of contacts from years in the industry positions him well to resource from multiple sources. His ability to genuinely listen to people and hear just what it is that they need places him well to deliver efficient and effective results. John has the experience, knowledge and professionalism to build a team to serve the needs of your agricultural business. He has keen industry knowledge as well as operational background, a sense of urgency and vast networks. Ultimately this gives Drover Ag the advantage over others when it comes to liaising with clients and candidates.


Currently managing a mixed farming property in Victoria with her husband and young family, Natasha joins Drover Ag as a passionate and experienced recruiter within the agricultural sector. Natasha’s extensive involvement in the agricultural industry began within the dairy industry. She then went to work on mixed farming properties with her husband where together they worked their way up the recruitment ladder, travelling and working in various places from NSW, Western Victoria, North Eastern Victoria and Southern Western Australia.

She has had plenty of experience not only employing people but also from the other side of the fence – as a candidate. She understands well how it works as someone seeking a career in agriculture, then working their way up the ladder. She has transitioned from stationhand to farm manager to an employer who is looking for dedicated and passionate staff you can trust and complement your business.

Natasha and her husband have been managing properties for the past 14 years and have employed all manner of staff from permanent stationhands to casual workers and contractors. Natasha understands the importance of having people who are not only willing to do a hard day’s work but she also recognises that some applicants are looking to start a career in agriculture and seek a place which can support them and provide an environment where they can learn.


Tash was born into a large kiwi farming family with a strong connection to the sheep and farming sector.  She spent many childhood weekends and holidays on the riverbank or around a bonfire telling tales of high-country musters, working dogs, shearing, tractor driving, cropping and teamwork. She was raised to be determined, productive and always have the approach that there is nothing that cannot be figured out.

Initially working in New Zealand’s public service, Tash developed skills in small business management and human resources. However, she was drawn to outback Australia in her early twenties and found herself initially working as a station cook in WA before spending many years as a jillaroo in QLD.  Tash and her husband have since raised four sons while managing various expansive properties and notes the need to demonstrate grit, integrity, courage and humility.

It was while she was managing and creating their teams of workers that she found her groove with recruitment. Tash enjoys building teams which she knows will ‘click’ and grow during the season. She loves the challenge of being resourceful and flexible in her approach to recruitment and essentially, creating a healthy culture. She gains great satisfaction from looking back at the end of the season at a group of once-strangers who have grown into a fantastic community of people – seeing their support, encouragement, laughter and mateship as they look to take on the next challenge in their agricultural journey.




We are the DroverAg team, we’re committed to making your recruitment project a pleasure and one which gets all the right results. If you’d like to know more, don’t hesitate to contact us.