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It’s been a few weeks since we have bought a news item to your desk. In that time there have been many ups & downs and news-worthy moments in the Ag employment sector. One thing that we can see that is looming upon us all with great pace is the end of the season in the Northern Pastoral sector and the beginning of what could be a big Harvest Season in the cropping areas of NSW, Southern Queensland and Victoria.

testing times in agriculture

As you know DroverAg covers the entire continent of Australia so we work in all areas of agriculture. One sector that is facing a critical challenge at the moment is the horticulture and cropping sectors. Both the grain harvest and the fruit & vegetable picking season is ramping up and growers are all seriously questioning where they are going to get workers from to harvest, pick and pack the crop.  And how is the seasonal workforce going to travel across this great continent following the harvest trail with borders closed indefinately?

We in the Agricultural sector all have a pretty good handle on how labour availability along with global supply and demand and the price and availability of inputs can have a massive effect on our ability to deliver as primary producers but does the rest of Australia really understand? There are many different view points on a topic such as this.  For more insight you can listen here or connect with the National Farmers Federation Here .

This will no doubt trickle down and effect all Australians as the price of your fruit and vegetables rises off the back of this looming labour shortage.  At Drover Ag we do acknowledge that the situation will heavily impact our sector in many ways, skills shortage, ag jobs competing with government subsidies, general labour shortages, border closuers and the list goes on. All in all an interesting subject in our arena and we are working hard to fill positions and keep the wheels of ag tuning in Australia.



Most of you will be about to get stuck into or are already underway with your second round of mustering.  Once you get that out of the way there will be a couple of weeks maintenance and there you go, end of season. Whats the plan for next year? Who’s coming back, who’s not?

get in early for the pick of the bunch

What if you were able to finish off the season and settle into the Christmas Holidays knowing that you already had your team for the 2021 season all squared away? If you could get in early and select from a large pool of quality applicants, secured the “pick of the bunch” – What a good feeling that would be. There are a couple of critical calendar dates that we know, from experience, that will impact your ability to do this. There is also the workload of sorting out your recruitment while you are trying to wrap up the end of the year. We get that too, nobody in their right mind feels like facing that in November!

cattle yeards


It’s very easy really, give us the low down, all the details of what, who & how many and we can do all the leg work from there.  We offer a range of services that can compliment all differing recruitment needs.

Our team is skilled, thorough, efficient and above all passionate about building good teams.  DroverAg has an ever increasing network and robust platform that can support your staffing needs and allow you to get on with business. For more information and to join click here.

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